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Come to VEGFEST in London on September 27th and 28th.                                                                                                    Source VEGFEST HEART:

Animal Aid, The Vegan Society and Viva! – the UK’s 3 leading vegan lifestyle pressure groups – have been invited to all 3 VegfestUK events in 2014 and 2015 as ‘Special Guests’, as the UK’s most successful ‘veganizers’ join forces to push through the vegan agenda onto an ever increasing platform.

What they do?

Viva!, celebrating their 20th anniversary, took centre stage at the recent VegfestUK event in Bristol last May which saw around 13,000 people brave the rain to attend the UK’s biggest vegan event. Viva! met with an exceptionally good response and were able to raise significant campaign funds, new membership and awareness on a level they had rarely seen before. Next up it’s the Vegan Society who are special guests at the huge London event in September, and a similar rise in membership, funds and awareness is anticipated. And in March 2015, Animal Aid will step up at the Brighton event with pride of place in front of 10,000 vegans, veggies, flexitarians, meat reducers and those generally interested in a healthy and ethical lifestyle. All 3 charities will receive free stalls and publicity at all 3 VegfestUK events in 2015 too.

 Juliet Gellatley, founder & director of Viva!, one of Europe’s biggest vegan pressure groups, is no doubt impressed. “I’m delighted that Viva! and VegFestUK are again joining forces to help people on their journey to a cruelty-free life. At London we are launching ‘Go Vegan with Viva! at Vegfest’  and as always, we enjoy collaborating with other groups to help create a more compassionate and wise world. Unity is strength; UK groups respect each others campaigns and strategies, and encourage one another to be a tour de force for changing the world. We embrace anyone who wants to open their mind and heart to saving animals. Working together is the key to promoting vegan living to a new audience. Veganism is not a club, it is a positive choice that should be open to all. We are campaigning hard to make that happen. 


The whole Animal Aid team were also very happy to receive the news  about the offer, and enthused  ‘Animal Aid is delighted to be guests of honour at Brighton in 2015. VegfesUK has always been a tremendously positive and inspiring initiative – as well as being terrific fun for all who work at or visit the festivals. We look forward to seeing you there!’ 



Jasmijn de Boo, CEO of The Vegan Society comments, ‘The Vegan Society are really thrilled to be working alongside Animal Aid and Viva! to help get the vegan message out there! It’s great to be working with so many like-minded people and we’re honoured to be part of this public statement of unity. We’re also proud to be celebrating our 70th Anniversary this year. Our founder, Donald Watson, and like – minded friends coined the word ‘vegan’ in 1944  and created a unique charity that has gone on to be one of the main catalysts for the modern global vegan movement.’

‚We’re passionate about helping to create a world where humans do not exploit non-human animals. A world where animals are free to exist in their own right. Come and help us celebrate our 70th at VegfestUK London, by becoming a member and together we can help make this become a reality.’



 ‘With media coverage, Google hits and general interest in the vegan lifestyle at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to work together as a team to achieve our common goals’ said VegfestUK organiser Tim.’ The likes of Animal Aid, The Vegan Society and Viva! all share common goals and although their methods and approaches differ, their results are the same – more people adopting a vegan lifestyle on this planet. At VegfestUK in 2015 we want to demonstrate that unity and collaboration on a bigger level, and so we have invited the UK’s 3 leading vegan campaign groups to join us for free at our events, and work together to achieve a cruelty free future for all.’

‘Although VegfestUK events are all about fun, food, laughter, music and good vibes, there’s also a serious side beneath’ adds Tim.’ Our campaign groups bring that message to the table. For 2015 we are also reducing our rates for all campaigners and not for profit organisations at our events, and a number of free or very cheap stalls available. We want to get behind as many vegan campaigners as possible and help them strengthen and build, and our events provide the perfect platform for them to do this. Organisations such as Vegfam, Sea Shepherd, Care for the Wild, Dr Hadwen Trust and many others are in for a nice surprise for 2015.’’


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