„Animal Issues With Dr. Armaiti May“

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I tell you, this is a really great source for impressive information which comes to you via „Adrenaline Radio“. Dr. Armaiti May, who is a vegan vet, is doing  interviews with compassionate people in animals rights, animals welfare, animal saving and protection, vegan psychology and spirituality.

There are around 50 podcasts/interviews with those people who are heavily engaged in important organisations and campaigns as founders, campaigners, authors or great communicators. Here are some names of the people you will find interviewed or issues talked about with Dr. Armaiti May:

– Karen Davis with United Poultry Concerns
– Undercover Investigations with Compassion Over Killing
– Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine with Dr. Neal Barnard
– Lion Ark The Movie and Animal Defenders International
– Artisan Vegan Cheese with Miyoko Shinner
– Farm Animal Rights Movement with Alex Hershaft-Michael Webermann

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To learn even more about Dr. Armaiti May you may watch the two part video:

„An Accomlished Vegan Veterinary“: Part one, Part two

There are also videos on youtube with Dr. Armaiti May featuring vegan issues, e.g.:

„vegan & spirituality
„vegan cat & dog food“