„Earth Crisis“ founder „Karl Buechner“ talks (archive 2009)


Go vegan!

Hamburg: Karl Buechner (le.), Guido Barth

„Earth Crisis“ (from Syracuse, New York) is one of the – if not the one, most influencial bands on hardcore. Since they started out in 1989 they have built up a steadily growing following. Karl Buechner, the singer of this band has taken some time to sit down with me talking about „veganism“ and „animal rights activism“ (and music but that is part of another chunk of this interview).

Karl is a long time vegan and went at an young age „straight egde“. Musicalwise he is as of 2009 beside being part of „Earth Crisis“ (1989-2001) who reunited in 2007 also singing with the band „Freya“ and still so with „Path of Resistence“.

The following audio is a nearly 5 minutes chunk of a (25 minutes) talk with Karl Buechner. He starts out explaining his activities together with Earth Crisis and other bands in raising money for animal rights organisations and the legal defense of animal rights activist in the nineties. He also states that at least during that time they have been heavily attacked by the media and being targeted by other „institutions“. He makes clear that the meat and dairy industries with their multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns are controlling what we think. Referring to his song lyrics he lays out how far activists are willing to go and what everybody can at least do: go vegan. Karl is finnishing this chunk saying that many of Earth Crisis‘  followers as those of the movement in general (straight edge, animal rights) have learned to become activists themselves and put this knowledge into businesses promoting cruelty-free alternatives.

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To get an idea of what it is about this influential band you may watch a 30 minutes documentary on Earth Crisis‘ (first) last live show at Hellfest 2001.

Documentary on youtube: „Earth Crisis“ – last show, Hellfest 2001, Syracuse

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