Eat more, weight less

Feeling healthy. Being beautiful. You deserve it. Fotocredit: © monticellllo -

Feeling healthy. Being beautiful. You deserve it.
                                         Fotocredit: © monticellllo –

Eat more, weigh less: honestly, do you think that this is possible? … It is. So if you are fine with your body weight and feel well you just may stop reading and kindly forward this to a friend to whom you think this might be of interest. If you are not quite sure whether you are really fine with your body weight and shape go on reading and find out how to help your body to become what he deserves to be: a really healthy thin body.

Let’s see, there are even vegetarians and vegans out there who are overweight or have a little to much kilos around. To change that simply start checking what you eat. Many healthy things in your kitchen aren’t that „innocent“ as you think. Of course I don’t talk about packed convenience food. That is trash anyway and you shouldn’t rely on it. So leave it in the shelves. But what is with e.g. nuts, with fine oil (olive, sunflower and others), what with those organic herb-tomatoe-chili-something cremes for your bread (sometimes over 30% fat)? Most of these are extremly fatty stuff full of calories. Those foods as healthy as they may be in away make it nearly impossible for you to loose weight. In the opposite they are most often responsible that you gain weight instead.

I by myself have lost around 10 pounds over the last six weeks only cutting out those organic herb-tomatoe-chili-something cremes. As that has left me hungry over the day I had to find something to replace that. I opted for more fruit and vegetables instead. Your assumptions is right: it workes absolutely great. What has been exceptionally helpful are champignons. You just add some of them to your salad or you eat them raw just like that. They are low in calories and its fiber gives you the feeling that your „belly is full“. For hours. What I found out is since I eat less fat foods and more fresh things that my desire for really healthy food is stronger than before. I have nearly a different appettite. I don’t even have the feeling that I miss something. Actually I eat more in volume but much less calories. I get the best nutrients and listening to my body is much easier, too.

Do you know AJ? She is a chef, writer and lecturer. She has lost around 40 pounds while cutting out nuts, oils, avocados and so on. She has written about that to Jeff from „vegsource“ (with before/after pics). There is also a fifteen minutes video in which she talks to you about her experiences. She explains how she started, what foods are best and some delicious and easy to do recipes which she prepares in her kitchen. Go watch the video on „vegsourse“.

It’s up to you. I’m sure you will succeed. Just start and give your body the chance to articulate. Listen well, be patient. He deserves it.


Fotocredit: © monticellllo –