Green Week, Berlin: „Creating healthy and sustainable food systems“

Go vegan!

Go vegan!

„Creating healthy and sustain-
able food systems is key to overcome hunger and malnutrit-
ion around the globe, said Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General at the Green Week in Berlin.“ Mrs. Semedo, I ask you: what is new with this?

(The International Green Week is the world’s biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture.)

The full article about what Mrs. Semedo has to say about food and agriculture is available on the website of the FAO.

You may read the article and then let me know if you can help me out: what is it what makes the words of Mrs. Semedo worth reading or actually even of higher value? I understand that she is only repeating what every halfway conscious and educated person could have read daily in the newspapers all over the world (nearly) over the last decades – or may I say centuries. I mean: what is new when I tell people that there is a need for healthy food (remember Mrs. Semedo is FAO Deputy Director-General), when I tell people that there is a need for sustainably working food production system. What is new when I tell people that there is a need for more nutrition dense fruits, vegetables, cereals etc. (foods in general). Finally (to hit the…), what is new when I tell people that fortunatly there are (still) the means (are there?) to change everything to the better. I’m seduced to ask then: Mrs. Semedo, WHEN? When do we start to change? That is probably what you would like to ask, too. But beware. Berlin’s „International Green Week“ (remember, nothing less than the biggest fair of its kind) is in the world’s focus these days and people around the globe may scratch their heads and ask: what is new with that question?

Go vegan!

Here again you find access to the article on the FAO website.

Website of „The International Green Week“.