„You are vegan? But what is with your tattoo?“ and some other „V“ Links of the week

Go vegan!

Go vegan! Find new friends.

I have gathered some links for you which I received during this week. There are many more – actually – so I had to choose and this is a variety dealing with all those different aspects of a vegan lifestyle of which each gives reason enough (my opinion) to become: foods, ethics, education (campaigning) towards veganism, cruelty, health. 

If these links are leading to the websites of organisations that does not mean that I’m supporting this organisation in any special way. It is just that they do a good job – as many others do so, too. Please, get active yourself!

1. You are vegan? But what is with your tattoo?

There are quiete a few tattooing colours that are not vegan. So before you go visiting a tattoo studio again check what you can do to stay save on the vegan path.

2. How To Talk To Your Kids About Veganism.

„In a world where almost everyone is eating animals, talking to your kid about veganism is an important thing to do if you want to help them understand the ethics behind a vegan lifestyle.“

3. Chickens in Cambodia (to know how cruel it is elswhere, too)

„“Dear Karen & UPC, I took these pictures in Sihanoukville, Cambodia for you. They were bringing these chickens in live hanging upside down to the market.” – Susan Roghair, Feb. 17, 2014“

4. Footballer Dean Howell star of Peta’s new campaign

„A PROFESSIONAL footballer originally from Burton is set to become the poster child for veganism.“

5. Peta’s most shocking photos on seal slautering.

Really shocking.

6. What did the ancient Egyptians really eat?

„Comparing carbon atoms among mummies reveals vegetarian diets.“

7. The ten worst reasons to go vegan.

„There are a ton of excellent reasons to go Vegan, like heart health and animal welfare, but there are also a ton of brutally terrible reasons to change your diet. …“

8. 21 Days Retreat In India: only three places left

Did you know that we are the first generation expected to live less than our grandparents?