India: next 21 days retreat with Dr. Nandita Shah in June 2014

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The 21-day program is designed to demonstrate how to reverse disease and stay healthy. Your progress will be methodically and clinically tracked with lab reports and checkups from the beginning to end. Your medications will be cut down as your condition improves in this short period. This program will have an impact on most common diseases – hypertension, diabetes, constipation, migraine headaches, joint complaints, weight problems, asthma and a host of other lifestyle related problems. You will be given a realistic estimate of what changes you can expect once your details are submitted.

My condition is already under control with medications. Do I still need this?
Most people with diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle and chronic diseases find themselves on a road leading toward gradually higher doses of medications, and worsening complications. By reversing, we mean reversing this trend. And also feel more energetic, sleep better, have regular bowel movements and feel younger than you may have felt for a long time.

What does the program entail?
Our program revolves around delicious, whole, plant foods without counting calories. You
will be served sumptuous buffet meals that heal. Lab tests will be done at the beginning and end of the program. Daily checkups will help track daily progres.

How long will I have to continue this diet?
This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle which you will begin to enjoy. Since the old lifestyle caused
the problem its best not to go back to it. 21 days is the time required to change the habits
that are not serving our goal of lifetime health.

To learn more about Dr. Nandita Shah, SHARAN read this interview on and watch the following video:



Text from official brochure. To see the full brochure 21 day e brochure.

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