John Lennon. John who?

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Forever associated with John Lennon
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Actually, I’m quite a bit advanced in age and am not sure how present the name of John Lennon is in generations much younger than mine. Those who know him well and I think most of you do – if not sure listen to his song imagine – might think that John Lennon must have been a vegetarian. Why? Because this singer, guitarist and Beatles‘ co-founder seemed to have been so infused with spirituality that it is a little difficult to imagine him not being a vegetarian. Search the web and you learn that he wasn’t. Except a short period. So he was the only Beatle not being a full-time vegetarian. But Yoko is.

Yoko Ono. Yoko has shared precious years of her life as John’s second wife.  It was a kind of public romance of two socially and in arts extremly engaged people. This period ended abrubtly on 08. December 1980 when John Lennon was shot dead in New York in front of the appartment building Yoko and he lived in.

Both of them were heavily involved in the peace-movement who grow strong in the fight against America’s engagement in Vietnam. „Give Peace a Chance“ from that time is one of the most or even the most sung peace-song ever (remember the pics Yoko & John sitting on their bed singing this song). They were beside that very active for  „counter culture“ which became famous in the 60s: sexuality, hippie, civil rights, equal rights, race relations women’s rights, peace. All those things let to a strong opposement towards the establisment. It was the time which made the peace symbol famous.

Yoko established herself as one of the strongest defenders of animal welfare and animal rights, environmental protection and peace. Every now and then she has used her art and her popularity to speak out. Popularity? I mean beside of her famous relationship with Beatle John Lennon she on her own is an excellent and world renowned artist and musician. Even now at the age of 80 she is going for it. A really great artist and an even great acticist. Being a vegetarian is part of it, too. Already some years ago she together with another Beatle, Paul McCartney, called for a „Meat-free Monday“ which now is something ever more people love to adopt all around the world. Yoko will turn 81 next Tuesday. We are looking very much forward to congratulate her and thank her for all her efforts for the animal, for mother earth and for humanity. As Yoko once said that John prayed a lot for the people and after he died she asked the people to pray for him. That is something we are going to do: Love & Peace.

She recently send an open letter to To the Japanese fishermen of Taiji from Yoko Ono Lennon dated back to the 20 January 2014.

Yoko Ono Lennon’s „imaginepeace“ Website with lots of information on her activism, her art and music.


Fotocredit: © jeff gynane –