Ziggy Marley: „…fresh fruits and vegetables“ (archive)

Ziggy Marley im Interview kurz vor seiner Show

Ziggy Marley im Interview, kurz vor seiner Show     Fotocredit: (c) Fabian Pothe

Guido Barth meets: Ziggy Marley (Archive, 2007)

Ziggy Marley is looking back on a long and very successful career as a musician. Starting in 1979 at age 12 he formed on the request of his father Bob together with his siblings the Melody Makers which later became Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. They had over the years several extremly high ranked releases and worked together until 2002. Ziggy as other members of the Marley Family are now very well of with their solo careers.

„Love is My Religion“, the name of your album. It’s all about love?
Yes, Love – that is the message.

This time you recorded your album nearly exclusively in Los Angeles other than before when you at least partly recorded in Kingston. Furthermore you kept your distance towards major labels and the industrialised music business. Especially in this regard what does that album mean to you?

I’m really proud about this piece of work, the reason of which lies primarily in the fact
that already my father has dreamt of doing an album fully independent. So there is
nothing less to say, a dream has come true, through hard work. My father has died to
early to achieve that goal. So I did it. I produced the album on my own, I wrote all
songs and I played most of the instruments. As a consequence I own all rights for the
songs which makes me totally independent from a major label.

Why did you play all the instruments on your own?

Well, as the work process was quite intimate at all, I thought it would be best to play
all instruments on my own, because I absolutely knew how I wanted them to be
played. In that situation I didn’t want to explain nobody how to do it. So I did it.

Well, let’s talk a bit about your nutrition choices, please. Your are quite conscious as you have a strong preference for a fresh organic vegetarian diet. What does that mean to you?

Humans and Animals are gods creatures so we are in some way brothers and sisters
we are one family and therefore I give respect to animals too. I think our body is not something to be filled up with blood. My experience is that it is better to eat fruits and vegetables. It is preferable to reduce the amount of animal related foods.

How important are organic grown foods for you?

Very important.


I like to keep it simple and therefore I want my food to be treated as less as possible.
My family has cultivated a farm in Jamaica when I was still a child. Everything there was organic. My mother Rita who is been living in Ghana now is operating a organic farm and my family operates the „Marley Resort & Spa“ which is in the Bahamas. The whole concept there is based on organics still luxurious.

You offered parts of your Album „Love is My Religion“ for free. How are you going to pay your bills?

There will be a way, birds and bees find their way and so will we. Don’t worry about

Ziggy, thank you very much.


Fotocredits: © Fabian Pothe