Farmageddon: okay, it’s all about meat and dairy. So what?

Meat and dairy

Meat and dairy

Are you a vegan? So, if not becoming vegan not with one step ain’t bad, ain’t it? Anyhow, let’s talk about meat and dairy. There are many ways to better things on this planet. To change the ecologically even all around desastrous meat and dairy industries towards a more animal, health, environmental (nature in general) and humans respecting farming style (your little farm) might be a big leap. Why? Read on and find some useful links about the new book „Farmageddon – The True Cost of Cheap Meat“ below. Thank you.

The meat and dairy industries are two of the best lobbied industries in the world. And they are huge. I mean really, really huge (gigantism). People involved in the worlds meat and dairy businesses have learned over centuries how to make money and how to exploit animals, the environment and people (the business-hardliners have – sad to say – most often prevailed. Unlawfully? Who can say that.). Let’s call them all together the global-meat-and-dairy-network. Actually, that is what it is. This network is like a perfectly functioning machine (but very old!: hope?). Mega-crop-farmers, doctors, health-advocates, marketing-managers, trade-companies, health-insurers, supermarket-managers, perhaps you too(?): those dairy addicts (in most cases) or money addicts (nearly in all cases) are sitting everywhere – even police people are meat and dairy consumers and they follow orders from their chiefs, those from politics. all of them need a smoothly running business-machine. Absolute reliable. There are mountains of money (capital, stocks, valuable virtuality) behind it and many, many votes (e.g. Farmageddon (not the new book): there is an older film by this name, too, with FBI and something supported raids on small family farms. Please, find the link below). Please, give a thought whom you get your money from and whom you give yours.

If you want to know more go see my gathered links with information about the new book:

Farmageddon – The True Cost of Cheap Meat

About the book in The Guardian (review by Lucy Siegle)
Another review on blue&green tomorrow (by Tom Revell)
An audio-interview (29 minutes) with books co-author Philip Lymbery on „voice of russia“
(consequences for environment, health, bees, butterfly, mega-dairies, pesticides etc. – very interesting)

Book on amazon

You also may (recommended) rely on Upton Sinclair’s „The Jungle“ which shows the relations between politics, business, human rights, workers right, animal exploitation and general exploiting. It is old, too. It is from the Chicago meat-yards. After reading you for sure know how things work.

Here you will find a 90 minute documentary on you tube about what the „Food and (Meat) Dairy Business“ has to do to keep the global business “ machine“ to run properly and how important small farms are for our well being.