Paris, 10th May 2014: Come join the „Veggie Pride March“

Come and join us in Paris

Come and join us in Paris

Like every year since 2001, Vegetarians an Vegans will march to demonstrate their solidarity against the killing of animals and protest against the institutional discrimination animals suffer from. The Veggie Pride March will begin May, 10th 2014 at 2 pm near the Saint Eustache Church of Paris in Les Halles area (metro Châtelet les Halles, exit Eustache). We are looking forward to seeing you for this important and big demonstration. Participants from all over the world will march together sharing the same ideas of love, peace, justice and respect for all life.


 14ème edition of the Veggie Pride March

Paris welcomes this event on May, 10th 2014 and celebrates the 14ème edition of the Veggie Pride March. Vegetarians and vegans of all nationalities will protest and support animals victims of forced breeding, slaughtering and fishing, in order to show the necessity to live more ethically and without harming other living beings.

Moreover, the Veggie Pride March denounces the censorship and defamation practiced by the French public authorities toward vegetarianism.

What is the Veggie Pride March?

For close to 15 years now – by marching against cruelty – the Veggie Pride March has embodied millions of persons which refuse to kill animals to feed themselves. Due to the yearly massacre of sixty billion animals
(one billion in France alone according to official data from the Ministry of Agriculture) and over 1000 billion of fishes; vegetarians and vegans choose to raise their voice in solidarity to the victims of forced breeding,
slaughtering and fishing.

With the goal to advocate a clear and unifying mission; the Veggie Pride March is the unique occasion during one weekend per year, expected by thousands of individuals coming from all corners of Europe, to represent the ones without voices – the animals.

The Veggie Pride March will begin May, 10th 2014 at 2pm near the Saint Eustache Church of Paris in Les Halles area (metro Châtelet les Halles, exit Eustache).

What we go for

This march is not a joyful event but an opportunity to act as advocates: Informative cardboards, striking slogans, drums and other moving music will mark the general atmosphere and landscape. Let’s recall that the protesters mostly dressed in green, will not embody an alien-like community any more but a growing
minority of the European population, full of hope regarding a potential change in our society perspective towards the status of animals.

A concert advocating our beliefs will take place the Saturday evening following the March. Several talks will follow the day after, on Sunday, May 11th allowing the discussion of various subjects on animal ethics.

The Veggie Pride 2014 week-end program is available on the official site of the Veggie Pride



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