Poll: vote for McDonald’s to go vegan

Go vegan!

Go vegan!

Would you go for a lunch package to McDonald’s? No. Even if it is vegan? Some of you might consider it, then. To help McDonald’s to decide to at least offer a vegan option you may participate in a poll. Vegetarians and even meat-eaters might participate, too. Imagine a meat-eater ordering the super-delicous vegan option. Wonderful.

“It’s Time For A Healthy, Meatless Option (Please!)”, that is the poll title and I’m sure McDonald’s should be very willing to listen to potential customers.

To make your vote you go to the „change.org“ petition site. There are already around 100.000 votes. Be the next. The poll has been initiated by Kathy Freston. She is a highly successful vegan author. As she herself is well known there are many more celebrities who have taken the chance. Just to name some: vegan actress Alicia Silverstone, vegan producer, hiphop mogul and yoga praticioner Russel Simmons and the most popular vegan TV-star Ellen Degeneres.

I think even if you would not visit McDonald’s to get your vegan Burger it is worthwhile to vote for a vegan option as there is non the less some kind of brainfood for McDonald’s managers. They are forced to think about ethical standards and healthy eating behaviour and why not letting such „meat-stores“ spread the vegan message and raise some kind of ethical and health consciousness in the not so conscious public.

Link to the petition.

To learn more about Kathy Freston and her new book „The Lean“ go visit her website.