Riverside, Ill. Adopts Humane Coyote Management Plan

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A lone Coyote.                                                                                   Fotocredit: © josefpittner – Fotolia.com

The Village of Riverside has created a humane coyote management policy for solving conflicts among people, pets and coyotes in the area. The Village of Riverside collaborated with The Humane Society of the United States to become the first community in the nation to adopt the organization’s new template coyote management plan.

The new policy focuses on educating residents, managing trash and other items that attract coyotes, collecting coyote sighting data and using proven nonlethal techniques of aversive conditioning (or hazing) to deter coyotes who have become too bold. It also stipulates that lethal control of coyotes would only be initiated in the rare event of a coyote attack on a person.

Riverside as the nations role model

Lynsey White Dasher, director of humane wildlife conflict resolution for The HSUS said: “We are thrilled that the Village of Riverside has adopted a humane plan for preventing and managing coyote conflicts and can now serve as a role model for communities across the nation. An approach that uses education and coyote hazing techniques tackles the root cause of coyote conflicts and is much more effective than expensive, inhumane and futile trapping and killing programs.”

Thomas Weitzel, Riverside police chief said: “As a police department, we have taken many steps to ensure that we can respond to coyote complaints in an educated, compassionate and professional manner. The collaboration with The Humane Society of the United States will only further our response to our residents.”

The new template coyote management plan.