Rynn Berry 1945-2014, a pioneer of vegan life in New York City


Rynn Berry 1945-2014, a pioneer of vegan life in New York City Foto: Maynard S. Clark, Boston, USA

Rynn Berry 1945-2014, a pioneer of vegan life in New York City                          Foto: Maynard S. Clark, Boston, USA

On New Years Eve an unconcious runner was found in Brooklyn’s Prospect Parc. It was not possible to identify him at once. He was brought to the New York Methodist Hospital where he stayed in coma for several days.

The New York City Police had nothing more than an astma-spray which she found with the runner. So she asked the Running-Community for help what finally led to the identification. It was Rynn Berry said his halfbrother Charles a week after the body was found. Two days later, on the 9th January Rynn died without waking up from the coma. He was 68 years old.

Rynn was a historian, book-author and he was a vegan. Already in 1979 he finished the New York City Marathon despite suffering from asthma. He was for a long period adviser for the “North American Vegetarian Society” and published many very intereting books:

  • Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover
  • The Vegan Guide To New York City (19th edition in November 2013)
  • Famous Vegetarians and Their Favourite Receipts
  • Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism & the World’s Religions
  • Co-author of: Becoming Raw

Rynn lived alone in his Brooklyn apartment. He had many friends and most of them accounted him a family member. He has written and published many articles about historical backgrounds of the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. He taught at Baruch College in NYC and the New School of Social Research. He lectured at vegetarian conferences audiences up to 800 in North America and elswhere. Especially for the New York City region he was a pioneer of the vegan life.


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