Video: „we at SHARAN connect you to real health“

vegan food is healing food

Dr. Nandita Shah from SHARAN organisation from Auroville, India

See a video-report (7:41 min) about what the SHARAN organisation from India is doing and how they help people to (re-) connect to real health and become healthy beings throughout their lifetime.
Dr. Nandita Shah (left) is the founder and head of SHARAN. The workshops and retreats she is leading are being focussed on actively reversing diabetes, hypertension, cardiac related and other health problems and get of medication.




Real health is lacking in many peoples lives today. There are so many environmental intrusions and nutrition facts (and eating habits) that makes it difficult for us to stay healthy throughout ones lifetime. Civilisation and chronic diseases are widespread. At SHARAN they help you and show you ways to (re-) connect to real health and stay healthy.

Video-report (7:41 min) about SHARAN:

Information about the next 21-days retreat you find here on „veggy-post“.

To read an interview (German) with Dr. Shah on „veggy-post“ please follow this Link.


Materials are from Dr. Nandita Shah/SHARAN
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