„Someday“: Peta’s new video with Morrissey song

Go vegan!

Life within. Go vegan!
Fotocredit: © senoldo – Fotolia.com

Do you know how many chickens are killed each year? Just as trash – the male ones and for the taste buds the other ones. Peta has created a new video honoring Morrissey’s 55th birthday (22th May). Morrissey himself has provided the song for the three minutes video, „I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday“ from 1992. The animation work is done by Anna Saunders from Los Angeles. The title of the video: „Someday“. It will be featured on Morrissey’s US-tour which is on its way since 7th May an will last through June.

How many?

Well, you still try to figure out how many chickens are killed each year. I by myself wonder how easy it is to talk about such things. I mean there are some thousands of pigs and cattles and others killed in my town on a daily basis – in yours most probably, too, if it only is big enough to have a slaughterhouse – and just after writing this I will have a nice lunch (or so). A vegan one, yes, but what a world is it that we live in. Blood staunched, ain’t? Why is it for the majority of people so hard to understand that animals are very sensitive and social beeings who deserve their own rights? I leave you with the video now. It is a very nice piece of collaborative work. Ah, I nearly forgot the answer to the question above: there are 8 billion chickens killed each year. Need more? Go vegan!

„Someday“ video on youtube.

Morrissey tour dates.



Fotocredit: © senoldo – Fotolia.com