Go vegan!

Viva! honours Vegfest UK organizer Tim Barford.                                                        Source: (c) VegfestUK

Europe’s biggest vegan pressure group Viva! honours organiser of Europe’s biggest vegan events. Tim Barford, organiser and founder of the UK’s biggest vegan events VegfestUK, has been presented with the Best Vegan Advocate award by Europe’s leading pressure group Viva! at their recent glitzy awards ceremony in London. 

Best of vegan lifestyle

VegfestUK organises 3 large events every year in Brighton, Bristol and London, attracting between 30,000 – 40,000 people every year to sample the best of a vegan lifestyle. With their warm, friendly and open approach, VegfestUK has succeeded in appealing not only to committed veggies and vegans, but all importantly to large amounts of people who eat meat and dairy.

Outstanding work

“I’m completely thrilled to receive this award,“ says Tim. “It came out of the blue and my jaw hit the floor when my name was read out as the winner of the best vegan advocate in the UK right now. I can’t tell you how much this means to me and my team. But to be honoured in such esteemed company as the likes of Michael Mansfield, Wendy Turner-Webster and Jenny Seagrove, not to mention the whole Viva team and numerous dedicated supporters for their outstanding work in helping protect animals, and to be recognised for our own individual efforts, is an incredible testiment to the amount of hard work that the whole Vegfest team undertakes. We’re truly grateful for this award.”


Viva! – Europe’s biggest vegan pressure group – are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, and have enjoyed a number of high-profile successful campaigns, including a recent Guardian report into chicken farming in the UK along with successful campaigns to get Gordon Ramsey to remove foie-gras from his Christmas menus. Viva! have achieved quite a remarkable result over the last 20 years and have led the field in helping people go vegan, veggie and reduce their meat and dairy in the UK right now. To find out more about their outstanding work, please visit