„VeggieHotels“: fast growing business model (with an audio interview with co-founder Thomas Klein)

logo_veggie-hotels_en_1141When it comes to rising numbers of vegetarians and vegans over the past decade Germany is one of the leading nations. Ten per cent of the population are accounted to be vegetarians or vegans. No wonder that this has brought up new business models around this evolving market. One of those models is that of the successful portal „VeggieHotels“.

„VeggieHotels“ started in Berlin some three years ago with 100 hotels. It has been founded by Karen Klein, Thomas Klein und Peter Haunert. Mr. Haunert is as an IT-Specialist responsible for the technical aspects of the portal. Mrs. and Mr. Klein are travel-journalist and both from childhood on vegetarians. As they have been travelling all over the world they have learned to appreciate eating in all vegetarian or even vegan restaurants and staying in such hotels. This brought them finally to the idea of offering the portal where pure vegetarian and vegan houses get their own space for presenting themselves. Users are able to search nearly 600 listed adresses by now – all over the world. There is an very informative interview with „VeggieHotels“ founder Thomas Klein done by Françoise Rhodes (from „www.travelingwithfrancoise.com“). Mr. Klein is explaining: how they cooperate with hotels, how to become a member and about the procedure of getting listed, about the service „VeggieHotels“ is offering and e.g. how it is assured that vegetarian hotels are really vegetarian.

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13 minutes interview with „veggiehotels“ co-founder Thomas Klein.

You may also check the press side of „VeggieHotels“ to get an impression on how popular this business model around vegetarian and vegan travelstyle is as many big name magazines already have published articles about the team’s work in Berlin.

„VeggieHotels“ Website (available in: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish)



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