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„Animal Tales“ is a videoclip for sharing in the social medias.                                                                                                                                           Fotocredit: (c)

LEADING vegan charity Viva!’s new short film (53 second) asks consumers to consider why most farmed animals have unhappy endings?  It concludes the positive solution to this problem is to go vegan. Viva! offers free help for people to do just that.

Produced for social media, the cleverly edited short was directed by the award winning Brigitta Szaszfai. It shows jarring juxtapositions: a cheeping chick becomes an egg and is smashed with a fist; toy dairy cows are put into a blender to become a bloody milkshake and a man plugs headphones into a pig’s head to hear terrified squeals.

A nation of animal lovers

Juliet Gellatley, Viva!’s founder and director, says: “Brits are a nation of animal lovers, yet we slaughtered over a billion of them last year for the meat, dairy and eggs industries. We know that there is a disconnection between consumers and where their food really comes from. A recent survey commissioned by Viva! found that over half of the population would cut down, or cut out, animal products if they really knew. Animal Tales is a clever little film that challenges people in a creative way and is designed to help people consider their own role in animal suffering and how they can help end it. And the best way to do that is to go vegan. It’s never been easier and Viva! offers lots of free help to do just that.”

Director of Animal Tales, Brigitta Szaszfai, says: “I believe eating less and less animal products, then becoming vegan eventually, is important for us and for our planet. But I also believe that veganism has a slightly negative reception amongst non-vegans and while informing people is important, when it comes to facts, people often stop listening. Therefore, I wanted to collect information that everyone already possesses and rearrange them in a visually intriguing way that simply makes people uncomfortable about animal product consumption. I strongly believe that a message that is told by metaphors and being realised by the viewers is stronger than giving straight facts. And surrealism provides the perfect form for this.”

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Directed by: Brigitta Szaszfai  (  Email:

Cinematography: Simona Susnea

Art Director: David Hamilton

Sound Design: Zoltan Juhasz


Viva! offers free help for people wanting to go vegan:

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Quelle: Viva!