What about going raw? Let’s hear Matthew Kenney.

Go vegan!

Going raw: step by step.
                Fotocredit: ©-olyina-Fotolia.com

Summertime is ahead. So, what better time is there to try to get some raw food? Why? Well that depends on what you expect. To make things easy let’s have a listen to one of the most famous raw-foodist: Matthew Kenney. He is the founder of the wonderful „Matthew Kinney Cuisine“. That is where many great raw food chefs have learned the art of „cooking“ with temperatures under 41°C.

Follow me to watch Matthew answering most questions one might have about raw food in just a little over one minute.

To learn more about the „Matthew Kenney Cuisine“ please visit the website.



Fotocredit: ©-olyina-Fotolia.com