Veggys: when do you „skyrun“ next?

Go vegan!

Go extrem, be a vegan „Skyrunner“.
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Are you are a runner? Great. If not yet perhaps give it a try? It’s fun and it makes life much better. Okay, let’s talk to those of you who already know that and who are hitting the road regularly as a part of their health and lifestyle management. I assume most of you are what is called horizontal runners, true? Did you ever think or even tried the „skyrun“ alternative? Do you know „skyrunning“?

You may call it mountain running or mountain racing. But who of you wouldn’t concede that „skyrunning“ sounds more exciting and might be a better trigger to your phantasy and your envisioning and not at last to your motivation?

„Skyrunning“ that is to say the more vertical version (there are pure vertical race too) of running which is a total different think as you move more or less ever up and down with a much higher energy output and much higher physical demands. It’s quite a bit more exhaustive. But, ain’t that something you are going for? Pushing your limits? Get great experiences and be on the more adventurous side of live as you climb narrow pathes, jump over roots and rocks, balance on stony ground at the edge of a mountain lake, pass some ridges with sights from heights you won’t reach as a horizontal runner. Not ot forget your downhill speed which is of high technical demand as you cannot let go simply.

There are over the course of a year many really exceptional races. You might just search via the interent to find something in your area or at least not to far away. When you are an already advanced runner you may check the „Skyrunning“ Series which is a trademark. On its website you learn that running up and down isn’t something new in history. Doing it for fun so is. In the U.K. such races trace back around a century when the first Ben Nevis race took place in 1903. Later in the same century the famous Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa races have been pionerered and are already kind of classics. As I said before there are by now many opportunities over the year. „Go, start running the sky“.

To get a glimpse of what the „Skyrunning“ Series is about check their international website.
Calendar of the Skyrunner World Series 2014 (Sky, Ultra, Vertical: „Less cloud. More sky“)

There is also this 20 minutes video from the „Limone Extreme“ 2013 which for sure will spark your desire to get on course, right now. (A must see.)

Even much much more on the „Skyrunning“ Channel.

Finally, remember as most of you are supposedly vegetarians or vegans: you’re kinda made for endurance – aren’t you?


Fotocredit: © elgringo –