Will Israel be the first vegan nation?

Beitrag Israel goes veganThere is a very nice article on „theveganwoman“ about how the vegan lifestyle spread over the past years in Israel.

Recently there have been surveys indicating a sharp rise in new vegan and vegetarian living Israelis. 40% of the people asked answered that they know either a vegetarian or a vegan. 1 Mio out of 8 Mio in total no longer eat meat and about 13% are planning to go vegetarian or vegan. The article also lays out some reasons that have incited this changes:

1. There is a viral video (1 Mio. +) from a lecture of animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky.
2. There is a film showing what is going on in Israels largest slaughterhouse.
3. There are many vegans who show that good vegan business is possible

Please, find the article on: www.theveganwoman.com

There are quite a few links in that article with valuable further information. But some of them are in Hebrew only and the link with the famous Gary Jourofsky lecture is not working in Germany as it is blocked by GEMA so I put it here (English, might be the censored version). So you may directly go to Gary-TV mit deutschen Untertiteln

Other links in English in that article you also find here:

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